• Holistic education
  • Project Base Learning (PBL)
  • Enrichment / Remedial Classes and hand writing Improvement
  • Compulsory Yoga and swimming
  • Counseling and Career Guidance
  • Asian Festival Celebration
  • Indian Languages - Hindi, Telugu, French, Sanskrit
  • Student Exchange Programs with Leading schools
  • International sports and cultural competitions
  • Teachers with the passion for teaching with commitment and patience
  • Digital and multi-media classroom teaching technologies
  • Preparation for competitive exams

Academic Staff

All members of the PGS faculty are professionally qualified teachers, having either Graduate or Post Graduate qualifications in Education ( B.Ed/M.Ed). More than all our teachers are Post Graduate and all of them are extremely well qualified in their subjects . All teachers have relevant teaching experience at leading international schools.

The teaching fraternity at PGS Hyderabad is a highly qualified team of individuals from different part of the country. The teachers will play dynamic role in the functioning of the school and contribute significantly to the gamut of activities before, during after school.

The well-trained faculty aims to function as ‘Facilitators’ in academics and maintain an open communication system with the children.

The institution places a lot of emphasis on continuous professional development and skills upgrade of staff. Regular in-house and external training programmes have been planned for PGS Hyderabad staff. Periodic reviews and meetings will be held to assess individual as well as organizational goals. This is to ensure that the system constantly evolves to accommodate fresh perspective and adapts to change.

PGS teachers are well-equipped to integrate technology in the classroom and use it effectively to plan lessons and prepare assessment reports. Access to a large pool of teaching resources ensures that teachers are abreast with the latest trends in the teaching-learning process and are able to implement them.