PGS Initiatives

Asset Student Evaluation

All students from class 3 onwards are offered the ASSET (Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Education testing) Examination once a year.

Project Based Learning (PBL)

Supplementing the theoretical approach to learning. PGS has adopted a system of project based learning which includes projects, assignments time based tasks and interactive teaching techniques.

Creativity Development

PGS encourages and trains PGS students and teachers to enrich their creative skills.

Personality Development

PGS runs an integrated personality Development programme with leading speech and Drama schools. The speech and Drama classes largely contribute to speaking skills of the students and hence, mandatory for all students.

Value Education & Moral Education

PGS has specially crafted its value education & moral education programme through a series of well structured academic and co-curricular activities.

Learner (child) Centric Methodologies (LCM)

Some key features of this includes personal monitoring by teachers with evaluations and reports on a monthly basis interactive teaching/ learning practices and supportive, rather than instructive role of the teacher. Full exploitation of the child strength and support to work around weaknesses as well as close interaction with parents are encouraged in an inhibition free atmosphere to facilitate fun-based learning.

Education Research Training & Development

The PGS Education Research, Training &Development division (ERTD) aims to the teaching methodologies and empower Principals, Teachers, Faculty members, Administrative staff and even the school management on latest trends in international education.